Tuesday, August 17, 2004

What a difference a year makes!

Yesterday, after work, we took Sarah and Hope to Hideaway (a local pizza place), since it was the first day of school. Afterward, Renee and Sarah had to go to the Library, so I got to take Hope home. Renee offered to give Hope and I a ride to my car, but I told her would would just walk. Instead of going straight to the car, we decided to take a few detours :-)

First stop, the campus fire station to check out the fire trucks. When we first got to the station and walked into the crew quarters, I told the guys that Hope wanted to look at the trucks. Robert, the guy who eventually gave us a tour, asked Hope if she wanted to drive one of the fire trucks. It was so funny the way she said "Dad?" and looked up at me, as if to say "can I really?". All the guys laughed and told me how cute was ... and who am I to argue about that? Robert was nice enough to not only show use the driver's area of the trucks, but to also open all the storage areas and explained about everything on the truck. Hope even got to sit inside the truck, where the fire fighters ride. At the end, Hope was allowed to look through an ambulance "... just like what took dad to the hospital...". We thanked Robert and was off to our next stop.

Next stop .... to watch the marching band practice. The band now practices between the Student Union and Theta Pond. When the drums started, Hope just had to start dancing and spinning, and had me join her. When the director stopped the band, we were off to Theta Pond to see the ducks. Just as we were getting there, the band fired up again, so we were headed back for more dancing and spinning. In the middle of all the dancing/spinning, Hope told me she was happy I have my "fake leg", so we can play together.

That is the reason for the title ... I wouldn't have been able to have a day like this a year ago.
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