Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I guess my brains were actually in my right ankle

Why else would I have gone from being a person who was considered "highly respected", "sought-out", "the go-to guy" (insert additional glowing adjectives here) technical 'guru', to a blundering idiot who doesn't even understand how a simple decision tree can be put in place of even the smallest amount of training for part-time help desk employees?

I mean, why should I even hope to imagine that a support position person would actually be expected to ask questions, other than the ones in the Decision Tree. Shouldn't a ticket with the following information: "Client has lost privileges in Okey", "User isn't receiving email", "Client is not able to open some messages in her inbox", etc be sufficent enough for a 2nd level person to be able to pull the answer/solution out of the thin air? Why should I have to inquire "what other pertenent information is available about this issue?" from a first line support person? I would tend to think that they would automatically attempt to obtain as much information as possible

It is almost as bad as the following cartoons: (yes, I love UserFriendly)

I expect drool to start rolling from the corners of my mouth involuntarily within a matter of days.......
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