Sunday, August 08, 2004

Left Behind .... the series

Some where during the last couple of years, I have let the reading of the Left Behind series slip. Renee and I went to the public library Thursday evening, and I stumbled across the 12th (and last) book, Glorious Appearing has been published. This discoverywas in the new books area. When I read through the list of titles inside the front cover, I realized I was a few books behind. I went ahead and checked out the last two, in hopes to finish them prior to the 14 day check out allowance.

When I checked out the books, I had plans to continue working on the fence (see a few days back), but Friday night those plans got changed. GT's (my fence building buddy) wife wasn't feeling well, so we decided to postpone until next week. Then Renee started one the first of a couple knitting projects (bably blanket and scarf), so I ended up with plenty of reading time. Just got through with the series, and it was worth the time.

Now it is time to look for a classic ... I think I will visit the Project Gutenburg site and use Reader Studio to turn it into a .lit format, so I can read it with MS Reader (pc and ppc formats).

Request for comments: What Classic should I read and why?
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