Tuesday, August 03, 2004

My one (and only) 'tattoo'

This is the logo that I created for the side of my socket (fake leg). The actual socket color (instead of the black backgroud in this image) is more of a heathered (camo) grey, which looks very sharp!

Tis Gar Plen: Original language of the first few words of Phil 1:18, which states "What does it matter?". This phrase was shared with me by my pastor during a very powerful message (for me, anyways). The series was on JOY, and week one dealt with: "Joyful No Matter What". "Tis Gar Plen" reminds me "So What?" that I am an amputee, it doesn't really matter in the big picture. - Thanks Craig!
(you can view the series at: http://www.lifechurch.tv//lifechurch/111003/event.html)

Christian Fish (Ichthus, Ictus): Universal symbol to identify me with my risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Phil 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Amen to that)

Whoever Finds God, Finds Life!: How we end our worship service every week. At the end of our closing song, our worship Pastor (JT) says "Whoever finds God..." and we all call out in unison "... Finds Life!"

Personal note: the font used for the Phil 4:13 and Whoever... text is using the same font our church uses for our church name and frequently used sayings. This feature is something that 99% of people would never notice, but I am a stickler for special nuances. That was mine. Took me about 4 days of internet searching to finally find the font, but I've got it!

After it was all over, thinking back, I should have had Mark 9:45 (see NASB version) put on there as well.
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