Friday, August 20, 2004

I haven't shared this with very many people......

Earlier this week, I called one of the local radio stations (KLVV) and talked to the DJs in the only 'character voice' I can do: Mr. Haney from Green Acres. The conversation went on for about 3-4 minutes, and we were all haved a great time. A few minutes later, much to my surprise, they played the tape of our conversation on the radio! I ended up making a HotPop email account with the address of to communicate with the DJs. During the course of the emails, I was asked to provide my real identity, so that I might be contacted in the future to do some radio spots as "Mr. Haney".

Earlier today I got an email from Janelle, one of the DJs who is coordinating a public appearance for the radio station next week, asking if I could work at their booth. The event is called "Lights on Stillwater" and is an annual event to welcome the students back to town. Janelle let me know that during the evening, she would be calling into the radio station, and that Mr. Haney might be allowed to do a live remote as well.

Sarah (my 14 year old) is extremely jazzed that I am going to be with Janelle (she is Sarah's all time favorite DJ), while Renee is simply puzzled as to why anyone would want to hear me talk like Mr. Haney. Sarah has already let me know that we (she and I) are going to be there, if for no other reason than for her to meet Janelle in person!

Renee thinks I should use this as a launching pad to work for Adventures in Odyssey, which is a weekly radio broadcast hosted by Focus on the Family out of Colorado Springs.

Who knows ... this might be my big break into radio (NOT!)
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