Friday, August 06, 2004

Meetings, meetings and more meetings

This just takes the cake! I have been busting my hump all morning and into the afternoon (except to take a break to attend a congrats/BDay celebration for my new boss - three levels above me) so that I would have everything done prior to a series of four back-to-back meetings this afternoon.

After walking across campus to attend the first, I get told that the meetings are going to be postponed by 1.5 hours. So back I trot across campus to my little cubby-hole. Then, as I am getting ready to head back over, the admin asst (not mine, the head cheese of the meetings) calls to tell me the are all postponed until Monday. To make matters worse, what had been back to back 30 minute meetings are now scheduled for on the hour. This means a wasted 30 minutes between each meeting, since I am not walking back to my office to get 10 minutes of work done.

(Heres a thought: I guess I could take my laptop and get some blogging done wireless....)
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