Saturday, June 10, 2006

There's a baby in the house

Before any rumors get started, the baby is a non-relative.  Unless you count the fact that the mom is like an adopted sister/daughter of the family.  Remember the new baby announcement in March?  While daddy is on a business trip, mommy and baby came to Oklahoma to see friends (us and others) as well as family.  Renee was so excited to see them, she volunteered to drive to Tulsa to pick them up, and of course Sarah and Hope volunteered to sit with Deacon to keep him occupied during the ride back.

While this is said about numerous little baby boys as they are growing, Deacon really looks like he might grow up to be a linebacker or something.  It’s been a little over two months since we saw Stacy and Deacon and this little guy has bulked up, but I’m not referring to baby-fat.


bnvmbnb jbngnb bnfjngn

Back now.  That line above was Deacon’s first ‘official’ blog post  I finally got a chance to hold him and then the cameras showed up.  As such, I had to post this image, to show me using my wireless connection (power cord doesn’t count) to post this blog entry and holding Deacon at the same time.  It was just after the picture was taken when Deacon decided to add the above entry.

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