Monday, June 19, 2006

The sponsors keep rolling in

I called the Stillwater Summit Co earlier this morning and spoke with Brady, the owner. After a very short intro and explanation of what was in my near future, he generously offered a couple sets of biking shorts! While a good bicycle seat is always needed for riding, a nice pair of (properly padded) biking shorts are always an added benefit. After running by on my lunch break, Brady not only provided the shorts, but also asked if he could give me a SSC t-shirt! He said he would appreciate a picture of me on my bike, wearing the SSC t-shirt so he could put it in his picture collage on the wall. How could I turn down that kind of request?

For a complete list of my sponsors, visit my personal homepage at and follow either the "Upcoming Events" or "Ride Sponsors" links

Note: No need to fear about me going around in public in spandex-type shorts. The ones Brady provided are more of a dual layer shorts, having a hiking-style outer layer over the spandex piece.
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