Sunday, June 18, 2006

Friday was a good day (in regards to my upcoming ride)

I already had plans to take a day of annual leave on Friday since Renee had plans with some friends she hadn't seen in a long time. Before she left, we went to Cooper's Bicycle Center to look at the options available to me as a result of Kicker sponsoring me for a bike earlier this week. When I got there, I already knew the highest value I could spend, taking into account the value of the tax that would be added to the sale. Cooper's had a new 2005 Giant OCR3 Sport (in bright red) available that would fall within my budget, with a little to spare. I was also going to be looking to obtain a trunk mounted bike rack, since I really don't want to ride back from Dallas (and to be able to travel to other venues for rides in the future). Cooper's carries the Saris Bones series of bike racks, but both the 2 and 3 bike model were out of my price range. After visiting with the manager of Cooper's, she offered to discount the price of a bike rack to the level that would fall within my Kicker sponsorship value. In short ... another sponsor to add to my list!

Later that morning, I stopped by Dearinger Printing & Trophy to meet with the owner, Tom Dearinger. After a brief introduction and explanation of the Bar Foundation, Ertl Procedure and the upcoming Amputees Across America ride, I asked him if he would like to join my sponsor team. I shared how I had designed a very simple business card for distribution during the ride and other upcoming events. The information on the front would be my personal information, showing me as the webmaster for and my contact info and the back would contain information about the AAA ride and a list of the sponsors I had gathered to date. Tom was very nice and quickly stated he would be happy to join up and create my cards. I will be dropping off the rough draft this week for him to polish up and get produced.

If you visit my sponsor page at you will notice there are no indicators to the likeness of "Gold, Silver & Bronze", "Tier I, II or III" or any other type of value level separating the sponsors. While there is a difference in value level between the various sponsors, all have stepped up at the level which they have been asked and feel comfortable with sharing. As such, all are "Platinum" sponsors as far as I am concerned!
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