Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Coming to a web site near you!

I have mentioned Jonathan Day (my CP – certified prosthetist)  a couple of times in past blog entries.  A couple of months ago, Jonathan asked me to come down to his office and assist with a photo shoot that the Marketing Department of OUHSC was conducting.  They had plans of re-vamping their website and they didn’t want the standard “professional person sitting in front of a fake bookcase” images to be used.  The plan was to have the various personnel in clinical settings with patients, for a more “natural” appearance.

Jonathon-and-ronNeedless to say the day was a blast, but was far from ‘natural’.  Let me explain:
The picture you see here appears to be perfectly natural, a medical service provider standing in front of a patient holding a prosthetic leg (ok, something you may not have experienced before, but I digress).  However, for the picture to look right, Jonathan was standing a lot closer than he normally would have in a true clinical setting.  If you will notice, Jonathan is standing close enough to almost lean against the exam table I am sitting on!  Even with as close as he was standing, the photographer continually reminded us to “lean in a little .. so it will look natural”.  At one point, we both turned to him and stated that this was not even close to being natural, but he assured us it would look good when printed.  All in all, the photographer was right, but that didn’t negate the “this just doesn’t feel right” viewpoint we had.

I am grateful for a couple of things that day:
1. That Jonathan thought enough of me to invite me to be his ‘patient’
2. That I have a good enough friendship with Jonathan so the the un-natural closeness turned into a great laughing session
3. Great fellowship with all the staff that work with Jonathan, as well as meeting additional patients from the office.
4. As much pizza as anyone would want to eat!

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