Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Amputees Across America

Time is getting close for my bike ride from Oklahoma City to Dallas (OKC to Ardmore on July 3rd & Ardmore to Dallas on July 4th). I will be a guest rider with the the Amputees Across America (AAA) organization. The three full time riders left left Tustin California on June 5th and are scheduled to arrive in Vero Beach Florida on July 31 (complete itinerary). I will be joining up with them the evening of July 2nd and stay with them until either the 6th or 7th.

Besides a ton of bike riding, the AAA riders are taking time to visit several HealthSouth hospitals along the way to meet with patients and other amputees to share the idea that "limb loss" doesn't mean "life loss". Joe Sapere, the ride organizer, is doing a great job of providing daily updates on their journals page. It makes for some great reading, so visit the site as often as possible. I have shared with Joe that while I am anxious to join them for the ride, I am somewhat fearful of what they may write about me on the journal page. Joe told me that I could do some 'guest authoring' in the journal, so I might have to see what tidbits of humor I can add.
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