Friday, June 09, 2006

Gaining Sponsorship Rox!

Alright! Alright! I realize it was just a few weeks ago I wrote about 'gaining sponsorship sux!', but when you get a "Yes, we'd love to sponsor you" response, it really feels great.

In this corner, all the way from Copenhagen Denmark: Reelight, the company that pioneered the reliable electrodynamic bikelight!. I had a little difficulty getting the request to the right person, but within just a few hours of sending it to the right person I received the "we would be happy to sponsor you" message. Normally I would wait to post about a new sponsorship until the product arrives, but this one is just to great to put on the post-it-later shelf.

These aren't headlights for riding at night, but more of 'daytime running lights'. Check out their website and this press release. This animation from their website pretty much sums up the product:

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