Sunday, June 11, 2006

33 miles in 102 degree heat ... what was I thinking?

In the continuing process of getting ready for my riding with the Amputees Across America gang in early July, I decided to go all out on this afternoon’s ride. My new route to the Boomer Lake Kameoka Trail is 3.75 miles, one way.  Each lap around the lake is 3.2 miles. After eight laps and a return ride home, my new bike ‘computer’ trip odometer showed just over 33 miles, with an average speed of 14.5 miles per hour.  I knew it was warm outside, and I was going through the H20 pretty quick, but I didn’t realize it was 102o until after the ride was over.  The humidity wasn’t too bad and there is always a good breeze when biking at 15–20 miles per hour, so I wasn’t totally drained when I got home.

One thing that is really nice about biking at that time (and temperature) is the fact I had the trail practically to myself, if you don’t count all the geese that tend to get in my way as I am riding.  I think the guy below has a few geese in his way, considering the look on his face!

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