Thursday, February 16, 2006

Today's weather report

This afternoon was a field trip for the King's Academy for Girls (just a fun name Sarah made for our home school several years ago) and we went to the Christian radio station we listen to all the time ( We weren't the only ones there, as they were hosting a "Home School day", to show everyone what all is involved to make a radio station operate smoothly. It was setup with several areas for us to visit, with someone there to explain their part of the work load.

When we got to one of the studios, the DJ there was allowing the students to tape a weather spot, and it would be burned to a CD-Rom to take home. They had run a couple of the spots on the air, and Sarah's was selected! We heard it on the radio a few minutes after we listened to it in the car. Talk about a Deja Vu moment.

Hope didn't want to do one at first (because she couldn't read the script), but we told her just to say what she wanted, which was "cold and windy". Sarah did a great job on hers.

With the marvels of today's technology, you too can hear today's weather, as brought to you by the King's Academy for Girls weather girls:
    Sarah's weather spot (190KB embedded file) & Hope's weather spot (105KB embedded file)
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