Saturday, October 14, 2006

Return of the guest blogger

Deacon-ronIf you remember a few months back, I had a post titled There’s a baby in the house when baby Deacon (and mommy) came to visit the King casa.  Well, guess who’s back?  Yep, you guessed it!  The only guest blogger ever to post content (although it was gibberish) on Tis Gar Plen.  Mommy and Deacon decided to grace us with their presence this week, allowing us to be their host during their ‘vacation’ in Oklahoma.

This is the third picture of Deacon on my blog (forth is below), the first being in the New Baby Announcement and the second in the June entry referenced above.  As mentioned in June, this kid is all muscle, and I’m not talking table muscle.  While he doesn’t have the balance to walk yet, this youngster was pulling up to the standing position several weeks ago and is wanting to start running all over the house.

Deacon-pianoI found out after they had left for the airport that I had missed a very moving piano recital performed by Deacon earlier in the week.  I wish I had known he was such a virtuoso, as I would have asked him to play a tune or two for me.  Oh well, I’ll have to ask for my own private concert the next time he is in town.

After reviewing the pictures for this entry as well as the June post, it appears Deacon really likes that green sweatshirt and I dress pretty much the same every Saturday morning.  One of the great joys of being a guy … not worrying about wearing the same shirt too often!

Note to Joe, Brent and other possible comment-leavers:
I know it was the pot calling the kettle black by my labelling Deacon’s content gibberish, considering the history of posts I have on this blog  (just thought I would beat all of you to that comment)

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