Monday, October 30, 2006

When I saw this, I thought of Renee

When this cartoon showed up on my screen this morning, it instantly made me think of Renee.  I think I should explain:
Renee is a closet Luddite.  Well, closet may be an understatement as she really dislikes the use of the internet and email and has no qualms in sharing that with others.  (She is starting to come around a little with the discovery of Wikipedia, but that is another post within itself).  However, many of her friends are quite computer-literate and used to send Renee emails about this and that.  One friend in particular would send Renee an email and then call an hour or so later to ask her if she has checked her email.  In the amount of time the friend would attempt to share the virtues of email, she could have just as easily provided the information in the email!  (needless to say, many of the friends email the info to me, and I snail-mail it home in my laptop case!).

All that having been said, time for the cartoon:
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