Monday, October 02, 2006

Note to Ump...

Hey Ump, when calling a softball game for the Stillwater Parks & Rec department, leave your cell phone in the scorer's hut.

If you must have it in your pocket, have it on silent.

If you must have it on 'loud', either:

   a. Tell your wife not to call, or

   b. Have her ringtone something other than Boomer Sooner!


Yep, that's right. In the middle of a game, the Ump's cell phone starts playing the University of Oklahoma fight song. Just as my pitcher released the pitch, the cell phone started. Being it is slow-pitch softball, both the batter and I (I'm the catcher) turn to the Ump and start giving him some major grief. It was so bad, the Ump called 'no pitch' and we had to do that one over.


Two side notes:

1. Ump's wife is an OU fan, thus the ring tone

2. One of the outfielders thought the problem at homeplate was due to the Ump passing gas or something. I advised it was much much worse!

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