Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Groaner - 06 Oct

I have a huge meeting regarding my future at my current place of employment in about 45 minutes (translation: what is my worth here?). As a result, I am getting somewhat nervous and having to take my mind off of it. So, I have decided to spend a few minutes to share the following with my faithful readers:
Unable to find a replacement cog for his car engine, Stan, a Datsun owner was told that he would have to go to Japan to get one. He did not want to make the trip for so little, so he decided to buy six dozen extra cogs while in Japan and bring them back to America. Then he would sell them, to help pay for the flight.

On the flight back, there was serious engine trouble and to save fuel the pilot gave orders to jettison all baggage. This meant that all the cogs had to go also.

On the ground below, an elderly couple looked up at the sky. They saw all the baggage falling from the plane. "Look, Sarah," said the old man. "It's raining Datsun cogs."
Hey, don't blame me, I said it was the Friday Groaner!
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