Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Police Find Meth in Man's Prosthetic Leg

The Associated Press
Sep 28, 2006 4:10 PM

JAY, Okla. - Sheriff's deputies have arrested a Grove man on drug charges after finding crystal methamphetamine inside his prosthetic leg. Larry Clinton Harper, 64, was arrested at his business, Harper's Used Cars and Body Shop, last week.


During a search, deputies found drugs inside a sock-like covering inside Harper's prosthetic leg, said Delaware County Sheriff's Capt. Larry Barnett.


"They just tumbled out, and he just laughed," Barnett said. "He said he thought he was pulling the wool over our eyes, but we had the last laugh."


The arrest followed successful drug buys from Harper's business, Barnett said.

My first two thoughts when I read this report:

1. Oklahoma doesn't have prosthetic parity laws, so he was trying to make enough to buy a new leg

2. I wonder if the police confiscated the leg as a result of the Ricco laws (vehicle used in the transport of drugs)


Note: Prosthetic parity laws are ones that require insurance companies to provide appropriate prosthetic care as needed

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