Thursday, September 01, 2005

More positive news regarding Epic Adventure

The meetings with the University officials went very well yesterday, to the point where I was told (by one very high ranking official), that if I received an answer of "no", I was to come and see him about it. He was very much behind the idea of me doing this. His statement was "there is no reason OSU should stand between you and this".

I also was able to line up my first potential private sponsor as well yesterday. I won't elaborate on that anymore until all is official, but it is a very sweet sponsorship! Regarding sponsorship: The team will have numerous sponsors as a whole, but individual team members will be encouraged to recruit some of their own, from their local areas. This is to help reduce the expenses of the individual team member, but to also promote more 'buzz' about the event. While we will look somewhat like a Nascar crew, with sponsor logos on the boat and uniforms, we should be able to post our private sponsors on our individual jackets. While I haven't decided the order of the posting (first onboard or largest sponsor on top), they will get recognized for their assistance, both on my uniform and my team bio page.

I have been asked if I will post my training/race entries on this blog or a team related blog. I haven't decided yet .. it may come down to a double posting. We'll just have to see how that goes as well.

More to follow.......
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