Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Epic Adventure

Last Thursday, within half a day of my posting “Army of Ron”, I received an email that has the potential to change my life dramatically!

Without getting into all the minor details, I have been invited to possibly join Team Epic Adventure. At this point, the first question asked is: “Ok, what is special about this team?” First off, this team is composed of only disabled individuals (primarily Ertl amputees) and they are to begin training for a race that starts in New York City in June 2006. The finish “line” of the race willl be at a port in Falmouth, England … 3,100 nautical miles away. Yep, Epic Adventure is training for a Trans-Atlantic voyage, in a 29 foot vessel powered only by oars. In fact, this will be the first team comprised completely of disabled atheletes to attempt crossing the Atlantic in this method.

Safety was a key thought at the first mention of this event. The crossing will be done within a well organized race with 14 other boats. Each boat will have all the normal/required safety equipment, as well a small fleet of safety vessels following behind (at a reasonable distance) in case of any major emergency. However, once the 15 teams leave dock, they are to be totally self-contained, with no assistance provided fromany outside organization. That means all the supplies we start with will be all we have (yes, I am already using “we” and “us” when talking about it).

The following is from one of the letters being sent out to incourage corporate sponsorship:

This ultimate endurance challenge, a 3,100 nautical mile race, will leave New York in June 2006 and will arrive in Falmouth, England approximately 60 days later. Not satisfied with winning the race Epic Adventure will be attempting to break the record set by a Dutch crew in 2005 of 31 days. Being the first all amputee crew to even attempt this crossing we will generate mass amounts of public and media interest in our endeavor. This translates into greater exposure and higher revenues for your company.

What we are offering our Sponsors is constant exposure to a US and global market for over a year for less then the cost of a single 30 second national commercial spot. This will be accomplished through sponsor logo and product use/placement on the boat and apparel of the team during all media exposure, print and television interviews, both prior to, and after the race.

In addition to world media coverage, the Epic Adventure boat will provide at minimum daily photo/webcam updates. We will have internet access; webcam broadcast through our web site and are working on a bidirectional satellite system that will allow us live webcam broadcast 24/7 from sea, providing worldwide access and exposure 24/7.

Today I will be checking into the possibility of a “leave of absense” from the University. Wish me luck!

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