Sunday, August 28, 2005

Today was not a good day driving.

Earlier today, while all of us where in the car, I got a green arrow to make a left turn across a very busy intersection. When I proceeded to make the turn, a guy in a mid 90's model Jeep Cherokee decided he was in a hurry and would run his red light. Needless to say, he had to stand his vehicle on it's front bumper to keep from impacting on Renee & Sarah's side of the car. By the end of the incident, the only thing between our vehicles was an extremely squished guardian angel! After leaving the intersection, I had to pull over for a few seconds to compose myself (those of you who really know me now realizes how close a call that must have been!).

A few hours later, while south bound on I-35, I was involved in a small, but quick game of "dodgeball". Let me set up the scene. I'm in the right lane, behind a white crew-cab Ford with rear dualies, which is behind an 18 wheeler. In the left lane, about midway between the Ford and I, is a dark colored four door sedan.

I have no idea what the semi drove over (but I saw it fly out to the left far enough to land in the median), but whatever it was slashed all four left rear wheels of the trailer. Just a few seconds later, very large shards of rubber started flying from where the tires were supposed to be. A few bounced of of the Ford, and the sedan started braking hard, as was I. My first swerve was to the right, to avoid a huge piece that bounced off the Ford's windshield, but then the Ford went to the shoulder, cutting me off (smoke was coming off his tires, as he had locked up his brakes). At this point, I am trying to determine the next possible moves of both the Ford and sedan, which is also braking ans sweerving, not to mention watching for more flying rubber. My next move was a swerve left, which put me somewhat behind the sedan. At this point, the sedan driver was put in a no-win situation: he had to decide which piece of flying rubber he wants to hit, because there was no way to avoid the next wave of tire treads. He did a good job, and almost missed all of the rubber, but one large piece clipped his passenger side mirror, which in turn became my next item to avoid. The mirror hit the ground once and then took an amazing bounce ..... about 6 feet in the air. Being our Honda is somewhat less than six feet high, I actually accelerated to pass under the mirror before it started down. By now, even though it is still daylight, visable sparks are flying from the rims of the semi, as they were grinding against the pavement . While that was a cool view (if you saw it on Cops or soething), it wasn't one I wanted to be around.

After it was all over, and all had come to a stop on the shoulder, the only damages turn out to be:
-The four destroyed tires and rims of the semi
-A few black marks and$ on the hood and roof of the Ford
-A missing passenger side mirror

I was lucky enough that my squished guardian angel fr& was still on duty and helped me through another situation that could have been very dangerous.

If I had been a cat today, I would have used about a third of my nine life.

Time to hit the post button and turn this thing off.

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