Sunday, August 14, 2005

Started slow, but ended strong

Well, it is early evening of my Big 4-0 day, and I thought I would share briefly about the day.

Started with Sunday School and church. My SS class is taught by our pastor, who happens to be a very close friend (within the top five of my buddies in the whole world!). I shared with him, and the others sitting close enough to hear, the the joke about the farmer and the fly (see this post) prior to class starting. After the laughter died down, and the joke being retold for the rest of the class, I told Henry that I knew he would be telling the joke before the week was over. He said he would be telling the joke before the day was over. Fast-forward to church ... after singing, greeting and morning prayer, when Henry got up for the sermon, he said something about "in one ear and out the other", and I knew where he was going. He said "That reminds me of something from Sunday School this morning, shared to me by our very own webmaster, who just happens to be celebrating his 40th birthday day ... Ron King." He then begins to share the joke, with only the flair that Henry can muster. It gets a big laugh, and he segways into the sermon as only he can. After service, everyone comes up, wishes me a happy b-day and lets me know they enjoyed the joke.

Leave for lunch with Anthony, the Marble family and my family (Anthony is another in the Top Five group). Nothing major at lunch, other than good conversation about high gas prices and various movie trivia. Off to home we go, where I am looking forward to playing with a new toy police helicopter Sarah gave me this morning. She gave me one like this several years back (except with military markings), but is was broken beyond repair by friends unknown. As I open the box, several pieces of plastic fall out it ... which is not a good sign. After closer examination, we find that this copter will never see the open skies. Sarah bought it for me in early March, and there are no more at the store, so off we go to find a suitable replacement. While I was anxious to play with the helicopter (I had one like it when I was about ten years old), I kept an open mind for a good replacement.

Wally-World to the rescue! While strolling through the toy section, we stumbled across some small remote controlled race cars. The price of two were exactly the same price as the helicopter we just returned. Instantly I imagined hours of racing fun across the tile and hard wood floors of the house. I was hooked on the idea and told Sarah. She like it as well. We took the time to carefully examine all the different selections, and settled on a Mazda RX-8 (burnt orange with black stripe) and a Toyota Celica (white with orange stripe). After getting the correct allocation of batteries, we're off to the house for some serious racing! It was a blast ... much better than a single player helicopter game. Hope also got in on some of the fun later on.

Gotta run .... it's time for some brownies and ice cream!
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