Thursday, August 04, 2005

One legged cop catches druggie

There is a web site named that I look at every now and then for various videos.  Sometimes they have stuff that is classified as NSFW (not safe for work), but something I saw this morning that had to be shared.

Check out the video, it is almost 3 minutes long and about 4MB in size, so it may take a while for the video to load.

I wish I knew where there deputy was, cause I would love to chat with him.  He is a RBK (right below knee) amputee and chases down a criminal.  I love at end when the guy asks the deputy shy he is breathing so hard, and the response is "cause I'm outta shape buddy, but I still got you though!" One of my buddies at work saw the video on Cops, and told me the best part was chopped off the end, because the cop ended his statement with “ …. and I only have one leg”.  That is simply priceless!

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