Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Aggies prepare for Rita (Texas A&M)

AggiesritaFortunately for the Houston/Galveston area Hurricane Rita weakened and veered north of it’s original projected path, but the Aggies in College Station were prepared if it came their way.

Loupot’s, the school bookstore, boarded up their windows in a fine example of Aggie Engineering. Aggie jokes don’t get much easier than this. (Click on image for larger version of the picture)

Just had a response from the bookstore:
      Our windows will not support the weight of plywood screwed into their frames - neither is there sufficient masonry wall surrounding them for an attachment. Therefore our contractor, suggested saving the store from a major cleanup and letting the glass go. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make!

Thank you for your interest,
Suzanne Pledger

I have no idea about it’s authenticity but it sure sounds like something an Aggie would say. They have a reason for everything.

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