Wednesday, September 07, 2005

When it rains, it pours

So, here I am spending a great deal of time (& mental energy) on Team Epic Adventure, including the sending of an official email to my boss about needing a leave of absence.

What happens today? First, I get an email out of the blue from our team captain (the guy who is the driving force behind the organization of everything regarding the team) advising he is having some serious issues (medically) with his leg. Same type of issues that resulted in a revision surgery in the not too distant past. From his description, it's not sounding good. So I start wondering about the likelihood of us actually racing. This is a perfect example of why I haven't 'firmed up' any of my personal sponsors (yep, that is plural).

Just after receiving that email, I get a phone call from Mr. X (identity protected ... he might be revealed in a future post) asking me to lunch. Lunch time rolls around and we meet at Crepe Myrtle, one of my favorite places in Stw, and the conversation starts off like this:
Mr X: Remember when I first got into town and you told me you weren't happy with your job?
Me: Yeah.
Mr X: You still looking around for a job?
Me: I always have my eyes open for opportunities.
Mr X: I told you I was thinking about opening an office in Stw, and I was wondering if you might want to run it (paraphrased)
The rest of lunch was spent talking about all the different items that the two of us could implement here in Stw.

If this new job opportunity actually pans out, the rowing won't be an option, as I would be organizing a new office and getting up to speed.

For those of you inclined to prayer, I wouldn't mind a few for discernment said on my behalf. Thanks in advance.....
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