Sunday, January 06, 2008

And the winner is .... ME!

The last few sockets I have had made included an additional outer layer of cloth laminated to the carbon fiber, as a way of providing a little personality to the leg (previous posts with images: My logo on the socket, Cars socket & my website has a small image of one as well). is a company founded by a prosthetist/amputee who recognized the fact that a prosthesis can be both functional and fashionable. Their SleeveArt concept takes high quality material (Spandex and Lycra) with fun and interesting designs, and turns them into sleeves that are pulled on over the socket of a prosthetic.  This way, an amputee can change the 'displayed personality" as they desire.  They really have some cool designs.


Visitors to the website can signup (via email) for a monthly drawing to win two sleeves ... one is the choice of the winner, and the second is the choice of the company.  I was lucky enough to be drawn as the final winner in 2007.  I've reviewed the available options several times (like I said, they have some really cool designs) and I finally made my decision.  I have emailed the information and now I will just sit back and wait for the postman to bring my my goodies.


Oh, did I forget to mention which sleeve I requested?  Well, when my choice and the mystery sleeve arrive, I will get some pictures of them and share in a future post.  Why don't you visit and check out their inventory?  Feel free to leave a comment with your vote of which one I should have chosen (pinks, purples, Flamingo and Child styles are not available as voting options!).

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