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Calling All Cops! - free training available (except $6 s/h)

Hi, I'm Ron and I'm an RSS Junkie!

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Seriously, I use RSS feeds to keep up with a large variety of websites and blogs.  These feeds range from Microsoft related (for Windows Mobile, XP or Vista), Document Imaging, humor, law enforcement (cause I still have close ties to teh Law enforcement community), EMT and a few other topics.  I like using an RSS reader so I aware when new articles are posted, without having to visit each site each day.


One of the RSS feeds I have is for Blue Sheepdog, a site dedicated to "Serving Those Who Protect: Police Training and Officer Survival Tips".  A post from yesterday was titled Vehicle Stop Interdictions - Drug Interdiction for Patrol: Excellent Police Training Course from The Backup Training Corporation.  Within the article was a list of three great reasons to use the training, with number two being "FREE" (#1 was content is current and #3 was college credit available).  When a state employee sees the word FREE, it is almost a requirement for us to investigate further.



The Backup Training Corporation is offering the free training to SWORN* officer in the USA.  Topics in the course include: indicators of drug couriers, roadside interviews, search and seizure case law, concealment locations and methods, “source” states and frequent overland routes, the use of K-9s, profiling, documentation, and more. You can find a more complete list of training topics here.  They also have a FAQ about the free training here.


One of the great aspects of the service is the fact that the training can be used to satisfy state training mandates in many states:


Their map with "click-able states" can be found here

The A-Z Approval list is located here


With the increased training requirements for law enforcement, as well as the problem with shift-work and area coverage, this self-paced computer-based training seems to have an ideal opportunity to assist departments, both small and large. 


If there is a LEO in your life, share this information with them.  If they already know about it, that's great ... but if they don't, they need to look into it!


Note: I do not work for/with The Backup Training Corporation, nor will I receive any compensation from them for this posting.  This is done solely as an act to share information so that I may Serve Those Who Protect!


And, as Sgt Esterhous from Hill Street Blues would always say:

    "Hey - let's be careful out there"



*Those qualified include: any sworn law enforcement, military, or corrections personnel who act in a law enforcement capacity

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