Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Irony in full-force for the local university newspaper

When I got a copy of today's O'Colly (university newspaper), I noticed the "above the fold" headline to be:  A linguistic letdown


The article with that headline was expanding on the idea that cell phone and internet lingo might have contributed to students' poor grammar in recent years, which would include spelling, proper capitalization and punctuation.  The photo to accompany the story was a possible paper that might have been turned in as a class assignment.  The image below was obtained from their web-site, but isn't as easy to read as the larger version on the front page.


Here is what I am able to read from printed copy:

an analysis of thermodynamic pro...

    i think that thermodynamics are when

pressure gets bigger b/c of heat.  not hotz like

heath ledger, but hotz like a fire,  if u need

sum amount of heat, then teh press will ...

  ---- blurred out image ----


Where is the irony you ask?  Obviously, I doubt this story was written overnight, and the work involved not only the writing of the article, but the preparation of the 'paper' being turned in for a class.  I also doubt whoever put the image together had any clue that a photo of Heath Ledger would be displayed immediately above their story.  Heath Ledger's photo had the caption of 'Batman', 'Brokeback' actor dies at 28.  Yep, that's the irony ...


I won't start trying to share various slants of morbid humor here, as I:

1. Don't want to offend too many people

2. Have so many different possible quips to say, I wouldn't know where to start!


Image from the paper's website:


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