Tuesday, November 07, 2006

T3 Series Personal Mobility Vehicles

My brother sent me an IM chat this morning with a link to http://www.t3motion.com/, which is a new product being marketed to police and security departments. The information on their website indicates they are not being advertised as a replacement for motorcycles or bikes, but as an additional tool for getting officers on the scene quickly and without being out of breath. Additional pieces indicate they aren’t in competition with Segway, even though Segway just had a massive recall. From what I remember about the time I was in the Chicago Airport, I would say the simple fact the T3 is a trike instead of a balanced two-wheeler gives it a huge selling feature. When the Chicago officers bailed off their Segways, the units fell over on their handlebars, which can’t be good for them over time.

Back to the T3… During lunch I looked around their website and found where they mention “Unlimited Range” due to swap-able power modules (fancy name of batteries). After I thought about that feature for a little bit, I decided to contact the company and ask if they were considering the possibility of a trunk-mounted charger base to be housed in patrol cars. This way, if an officer on a T3 needs to swap out batteries, there would already be some in the field (no need to send on officer all the way back to the station to retrieve them).

After sitting through their call controller, I finally was speaking with a young lady in marketing. I provided the idea to her and she asked me to hold while she found someone better suited to speak with me. A few seconds later she came back on and said, “Please hold for a second while I transfer you to Neil, the president of the company” then transfered me quite quickly. When Neil answered, I inquired if I heard correctly that I was being transfered to the president, to which he laughed and replied “Yes”.

Long story short: Neil advised that no one had come up with the idea of battery charges being in patrol cars so they would be closer to the T3 officers. He mentioned it made perfect sense and he was glad I called with the idea. He also asked for my contact info (I have no idea why). Here is an image of the new T3 series:

For those of you who visit the site and look at the Product Literature link:
I shared with Neil the absurdity of the shotgun positioning on page 2. He agreed, but added that a few departments have inquired about shotgun mounts. I’m sure they would most likely be totally enclosed cases, like for ATV riders (like

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