Saturday, November 18, 2006

Test post (with pic)

Well, I saw an opportunity to 'upgrade' my blog to the blogger beta, which would be linked to my GMail account.  After the upgrade, I found that neither of the programs that I normally use to post my blog entries no longer worked ....AAARRRRGGGHHHH!


After spending plenty of time with Google, I ran across "Windows Live Writer" and installed it.  After initializing it, I think I might just like this one better than what I had been using.  This ties directly to my blog template, so I am able to see exactly how the formatting and spacing looks, prior to posting.

Inserting pictures appears to be much better.  The image is displayed immediately, borders (drop shadow and photopaper) are an option and image effects can be done on the fly.




The last item to check for my template design is the blockquote tag

My template is supposed to indent and italicize the text.  Also, at the top left of the quoted text is to be a light gray double-quote image. 

So far ... so good

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