Thursday, March 02, 2006

Two requests when traveling

1. Be smart enough not to be carrying a firearm on your person when going through security
2. If you decide to carry one, don't be in the same pat-down area I am in!

As I approach the security points in airpoints, I show my prosthetic leg so that the personel know I am going to set off the metal detector. The guy behind me happen to set off the detector as well and got brought into the pat-down area I was in. (I thought it was supposed to be a 'one at a time' thing, oh well)

I'm up to the "wand and back of the hand pat down" part of the check when I hear the security guard behind me yell "GUN!". Needless to say, the security guy with me knocked me down getting to the guy with the gun. When they made the tackle, the gun came loose and bounced on the ground near me. My first instinct (as a former cop) was to go and cover or retrieve the gun. Luckily my mind quickly thought "you go for the gun & you might be considered an accomplice", so I stayed where I was ... pretty much lying against a dividing panel and tangled up in a chair, from when I got knocked down.

After the guy was subdued & gun recovered, then came the "is the amputee guy ok?" moment. We all dusted ourselves off, completed my pat-down & I left the area.

It's been quite a while since I have had an adrenaline rush like that and it took me a short while to stop shaking.

All is good now and I am quietly waiting on my flight to arrive.
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