Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back to blogging

The burger post was a fluke, as I stumbled across it while surfing prior to going on vacation. I am back in town and plan on making a few posts this week, primarily about all the cool (and not so cool) events from last week.

Last week's itinerary went as follows:
Fri (10th): Finalize packing and head to my Mom's house (then a rush trip back home to get my billfold)
Sat (11th): Visit with mom and wait for my brother's family to arrive
Sun (12th): Up at 2:45am to catch a 5:30am flight to Orlando, Florida (look out Mickey)
Afternoon and evening at Animal Kingdom
Mon (13th): Magic Kingdom for a character breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and friends
Rest of the day at Magic Kingdom
Tues (14th): Epcot center for the day
Late night visit to Centra Care (medical clinic for x-rays of residual limb)
Wed (15th): Magic Kingdom and Disney MGM Studio (while in an ECV)
Thur (16th): Bus ride to Port Canaveral, to board the Disney Wonder (cruise ship)
Fri (17th): Docked at Nassau, Bahamas ... family enjoyed the 'Dolphin Experience'
Sat (18th): Docked at Castaway Cay ... we went snorkeling
Sun (19th): Bus ride to Orlando Airport for flight back to the real world
Mon (20th): Rest from the vacation (oh, and laundry, lots and lots of laundry)

I have so many stories to tell that I will be making quite a few blog entries over the coming days, some of them might even include some pictures. The reason for the clinic visit and use of the ECV (electric convenience vehicle) will be one of the posts as well.
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