Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I've had a few emails asking...

So the first vacation post will cover ... Why I visited a clinic for x-rays while on vacation
When the reservations were made for us to stay at a Disney Resort, a request for a shower chair was included. Being that I don't like to sit in dirty water (ie: take a bath), I prefer to shower, but that can cause some issues when you only have one foot. Every place I have been since the amputation surgery has had shower chairs available at no cost, and Disney has them as well. The down side is the fact that the chair I was provided didn't have any rubber tips on the ends of the chair legs. Metal tubes sitting on tile and porcelain don't work out very well.

The chair was delivered on Sunday, and I was very careful when using it. Monday morning, when exiting to resort, I stopped by the front desk and explained about the missing rubber tips and expected it would be taken care of. Monday evening, still without the tips on the chair, I was again careful during it's use. Tuesday night was a different story. I guess I had become 'comfortable' with the chair and while I was leaning forward to rinse my upper body, the chair slipped out from under me and I slammed the end of my amputated leg into the tub floor. While I was seeing a bunch of stars, none were in the famous Mickey Mouse ears shape! It was several minutes before I was able to regain my composure and Renee was able to help me out of the tub and out of the bathroom. We called downstairs to let them know about the problem and members of their safety/security team were dispatched to my room, as well as a ambulance and paramedics.

I was concerned that I had either broken or cracked the bridge between the tibia and fibula. The paramedics told me that the last person they took to the hospital was told that there was an approx 4 hour wait to be seen, unless there an extreme emergency, which my leg wouldn't count as, but there was a late night emergency care clinic nearby that was open for another two hours. While the ambulance crew couldn't take me their, the chief of the security team (who had shown up by them) stated he would get me a taxi take me there.

After a while of waiting and then the x-rays, it was determined that there were no breaks, cracks or chips to the bones. When I got back to the resort, I was given a loaner wheelchair by the resort, with instructions that it was mine for as long as I was there and needed it. It was about three days until I could get back into my prosthetic leg, but it doesn't have the same feel as before. After speaking with my CP, he advised it may be 6-8 weeks before we know if the injury and resulting swelling etc will cause the need for the creation of a new socket. (if you will remember, I just got this one last month!)

Disney's insurance underwriting company has already been in contact with my a few times to insure that the costs associated with this incident are covered, either by my personal insurance or by them. I'm sure a company as large as Disney has seen thousands of guest that have a small incident attempt to blow it out of proportion and try to get tons of money from them. All I am concerned with is that I am not out any money as a result of their negligence.
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Gail Boyce said...

Wow! That is so terrible. To bad there customer service was so (?)wonderful after the fact and not before. Especially since it had been brought to their attention. Let us know how this progresses. We'll start a FB, email petition to Disney World,

Ron said...

It happened in 2006 and they took care of all of my medical expenses. We even got to bypass all of the long lines to get onto the cruise ship later that week (it was a 3.5 hour line).