Friday, September 15, 2006

A good ending to a lousy week

Ok, I've mentioned before that I am biking to work each day (unless attire or weather prohibits it). This evening's trip home provided for some fun and bragging rights.

So, I'm on the way home riding along Hall of Fame Avenue (eastbound) stopped at the traffic light at N. Main St (Map of Fun). When I ride, I ride on the street as opposed to sidewalks when they are available. While waiting for the light to turn green a college kid (ck) rode up beside me, but on the sidewalk. He started some small talk:
CK: Nice bike
Me: Thanks ... that's a nice looking mountain bike you got there.
CK: Is your bike fast?
Me: Yeah, I guess so
CK: (mumbles something)
Me: What?
CK: How old are you?
Me: 41, why? How old are you?
CK: 20. wanna race to Perkins Road? (0.4 miles away)
Me: Yeah, whatever.

The light turns green and CK is in a higher gear, so each rotation of the pedals for him is better speed. I, on the other hand, am in a lower gear so I can get going without a bunch of effort. CK starts pulling away from me a little and jumps off the curb and into the street in front of me. we both are going through the gears, but I have 24 to his 18. I caught up with him at the railroad tracks (about 2/3 distance to Perkins)

Me: You in your top gear? (between breaths)
CK: Yeah
Me: I've got a few more, see you at the light!

I jacked up to 24th gear and, with the same pedal cadence, pulled away from CK enough to show him "who's boss" ;-)

At the light I told him "good race" to which he agreed and then I gave him one of my personal business cards which has all of my biking information about the Amputees Across America ride from July (past posts 1, 2, 3 and 4). While talking with CK, I made sure to control my breathing, so my "out-of-shapeness" didn't show. After CK turned south on Perkins, I started sucking wind like the 41 year old I am. A guy in a pick-up next to me rolled down his window, said "nice race" and asked if I wanted to throw my bike in the back and get a ride. I told him that I was a short distance from home, so no thanks.

I was still sucking wind so bad when I got home that Renee thought something was wrong. When I told her about the race, she said the only thing wrong was me trying to act like a 20 year old!
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