Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's Gametime!

Real-darth-maulOsu-darth-maulOne of my many duties at OSU is to process the multiple broadcast messages sent out to various groups (student, staff, faculty, as well as sub-sets).  This week marked the second issue of a message to all students reminding them of the home football game today (OSU vs Florida Atlantic Univ).  The subject line of the message, quite appropriately, was “It’s Gametime!”


When I received and opened this week’s message, I was quite surprised when I saw an black and orange (instead of red) Darth Maul.  Who would have thought that Darth Maul was an OSU fan?  I would have expected him to be an OU fan, since he is on the dark side of The Force.  (sorry about that one Mom, but I had to go there!)


I don’t get to decide content of messages, I just act as a letter carrier delivering the mail to the intended recipients.  Ever since I hit the send button (yes, Joe … I removed the “Approval Copy” text), I have wondered how many others got a small fright when they opened their mail that Thursday afternoon.  If you would like to see the complete message that was sent out to over 24,000 students, you can view it here.


Note: I actually get to attend the game today.  A very generous friend gave me three very nice tickets.  I have asked Joe and Kevin to go with me, since I haven’t had a chance to spend much time with either of them lately.  Today should be a good day! 

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