Wednesday, September 20, 2006

International "Talk Like a Pirate Day" was yesterday

Haven't you heard that "Talk Like a Pirate Day" falls on September 19th every year? I had, but I completely forgot about it until the end of the day so I wasn't able to share the joy with all those around me. I am on one particular joke email list that I receive as a digest once a day. The digest I received this morning (of yesterday's messages) was full of pirate jokes. The best one had to be:
A man walks into a pet store and says, "I'm playing Long John Silver in the play Treasure Island, and I'm looking for a parrot. Can you sell me one?"

The pet store owner says, "You don't want a real parrot, it'll squawk all the time and poop on your shoulder, and what if it falls off during the play?"

The man says, "Well, I want to be as realistic as possible."

The pet store owner says, "I've got a stuffed parrot you can use. Can you pick it up on Thursday?"

"Oh, I can't come on Thursday. That's when I'm getting my leg cut off."

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