Wednesday, September 27, 2006

For my buddy Joe

SpeakerA very near and dear friend of mine told me I needed to update my blog more regularly, since he checks it every day.  With that ‘challenge’, I had to come up with the perfect post and dedicate it to him.  Joe works for Stillwater Designs, the manufacturer of the world famous Kicker speakers.  What better entry to dedicate to a Kicker employee than one covering a DIY (do it yourself) project of creating a folding speaker enclosure.


Yep, make your own speaker box out of paper, and I’ll even provide a template for you to use!  At you can find step by step (all four of them) instructions on making your own speaker enclosures. From the site:

"...the box is an 80mm cube but it could be any size you like just choose the card thickness to suite the size of the box. Although this was made from card you could just as well use polypropylene as a harder wearing material, you can often buy stationary folders made from polypropylene that you can recycle."

Here is the template I promised:


The only other thing it needs is a Kicker Livin’ Loud logo  Kicker-ll

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