Thursday, July 06, 2006

First day of visitations

We have completed the first day of visitations in the DFW / Plano area. You can find the humorous journal write-up here. While the journal is written with a fun attitude, it is impossible to convey the effects the visits have on the riders, patients and staff.

A patient might not have a positive outlook when they are first contacted, but after talking with them and asking about their condition when they first got there, they realize how far they have come. Other patients, after a short conversation, figure out that fellow patients look up to them for inspiration. After speaking with patients, therapists and other staff members, the riders get an emotional boost. It is a wonderful circle of energy.

An unexpected bonus during today's activities was when a group of kids from a neighboring school were brought over to meet us. During the visits, the AAA riders (guest riders included) sign posters to hand out. We took the time to write a personal note on each poster given to the kids. Visiting with the younger generation is always fun because they have no hesitations to asking about our prosthetic legs or how w became amputees. The only "down side" is when one of them share that they wish they had "such a cool leg". It is hard to make sure they understand that a prosthetic leg is good to have when your 'original equipment' isn't working as designed, but if their legs are healthy they need to keep them!

All in all it was a good day. At the end of the visitation days the riders are tired ... but it is a good tired.
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