Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Great lines from our "Quarterly Safety Training" meeting

Members of my department had the distinct pleasure of gathering in a huge room to attend our quarterly safety training session yesterday. I happened to be sitting on the front row, which happened to be next to the only blind employee (let's name him "Martin") and the presenter (Sheryl).

When it was time to start, since a microphone hadn't been obtained for Sheryl, it took a short time to get everyone quieted down and ready to listen. This was the first time Sheryl had presented, so she was somewhat nervous. At first she asked if everyone could see the screen, and I just couldn't help be let her know that she was standing between Martin and the screen and he couldn't see it. She started to move back and then figured out the joke. Needless to say, that lightened the atmosphere quite a bit.

Two of the best lines of the day actually cam from Martin. The majority of the safety training covered motor vehicle operations, both university and privately owned. At one point, when Sheryl was mentioning something about driving, Martin popped off by saying "are you sure you want me to do all this?". The other doozy from Martin came during a portion when Sheryl was reading off reasons why some people don't like to buckle their seat belts. When she mentioned the excuse "it is just a short trip to the store", Martin replied "Well, it is a short trip through the windshield also". It took a few minutes for the class to resume after that one.

We can always count on Martin to lighten some of these meetings up!
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