Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For my RSS followers

If you read my blog with a full web browser, you don't need to read this posting if you don't want.


One of the primary ways I follow most blogs is via an RSS reader on my Windows Mobile device (Opera Mini), but I try to visit each in a real browser at least once a month to see if there are any template changes or new links in their sidebars.  I recently added a few blogs to my Blogroll account and didn't want any of you to overlook them, so here is my complete list (with Mingle2 ratings).


In alphabetical order:

     Ability Trek Tracker - G

     Ability Trek Blog - G

     All I want is a good night's sleep - G

     Ambulance Driver - NC-17

     Behind the Times - R (been a long time since you posted, Kevin)

     Better and Better - NC-17

     China Girl - G (welcome back Estee!)

     Cop the Truth - R

     LAPD Blog - G

     Law & Disorder (blog formerly known as Cop Talk) - G

     Mr. Police Man - G

     My 5150 World - PG

     Negative, Ghostrider - R

     Our 5150 Life - PG (no relation to 5150 World)

     The Internet Ate My Homework - G (the blog that got me started)

     The Johnny Law Chronicles - R

     The Life I Lead - PG-13

     WWdN: In Exile - PG-13


There is a mixture of friends, law enforcement, medical, military and anything else that tends to catch my attention. I normally find new blogs by following sidebar links from blogs I like, or by visiting the blogs of people who leave comments at the blogs I already follow.


Note: I didn't list the various technology related blogs that I follow to keep apprised of work related issues.

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