Wednesday, July 04, 2007

3-Legged Race champs!

Word to the wise: Don't enter a 3-legged race against an amputee unless you have a firm understanding of the rules.


Steps to win:

  1. Find the fastest runner
  2. Tie your prosthetic leg to one of his legs
  3. Release the suspension pin but leave your residual limb (stump) in the socket
  4. When Go! is yelled, remove your residual limb from socket and watch your partner win the race.
  5. Optional step: Have video camera to capture the moment (we forgot this one)

We had a small gathering at our church this evening and one of the planned events was a 3-legged race.  The pastor and I had planned for the above 'race strategy' since early Sunday morning.  The littler kids had already run their races and were standing at the finish line when the older youth and adults were scheduled to tun.  I really wish we had setup a couple of cameras, just to catch the expressions on both the kids watching pastor run with a "fake leg" strapped to his leg, and one to view the other racers when they clued in to what was happening.


We also had watermelon seed spitting contests (distance, not accuracy), trailer rides (behind the riding mower), horseshoes, frisbee golf, food and then sparklers as it was getting dark.  Even though we had a small turn-out, we all had a blast!

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