Wednesday, August 01, 2007

DIY: Add a counter to your blog

I received a cry for help about adding a site counter on a blog from one of my 'faithful readers'.  This blogger was able to follow the instructions and add a counter (with a link for guest viewing of the stats).  After visiting their blog and seeing that they received a request for instructions to do the same thing, I thought I would share the instructions here:


   1. Sign up with (that is the one I use for all my projects)

   2. Configure the counter the way you want
           (There is an option for an invisible counter, which I use)

   3. Get the code for the counter (copy it)

   4. Log into (if not u

   5. From the dashboard, click on the Template link for your blog

   6. Paste it where you want the counter to be displayed

       (mine is just before the </body> text at the end of the template

   7. Preview to see how it looks (if not using an invisible counter)

   8. Save Template Changes


If you don't use for blogging, you are on yor own from step 4 to the end.


Bonus Link: Here is an interesting spin on Tetris:  Statetris

                 'Assemble' the United States .... Tetris style (three levels of difficulty)

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