Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Babs and AD, sitting in a tree..

Yep, you know the rest of that:
K ... I ... S ... S ... I ... N ... G

Here I am going through my RSS reader and find that AD (Ambulance Driver) has a posting with title of Boy Meets Girl (guess who is boy). After reading his post, I saw that Babs (Just Me, Just Peachy, or whatever name she is using currently) posted this response.

Ain't that sweet?

I like to follow AD's blog because of the medically related stories he shares. Renee has asked me several times that if I could have a "do over" on my career of choice, what would I pick. I normally response EMS/Ambulance. Being an ex-cop, I know what they do and I highly respect the profession, and think I would excel in the job.

AD has another blog, which is actually a blog-based novel he is writing titled Star of Life which I am following closely (and wishing a few more chapters would get posted - hint hint). If you can get past the numerous f-bombs, it is really a fantastic story. AD has another book out, which I have requested via inner-library loan and am currently waiting on to get here.

Note: If you got to read the Star of Life novel, remember it is blog based, so use the blog archive options on the left to start in July to read the "Prologue" and work your way up toward "A Brief Respite"
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