Sunday, August 19, 2007

New adventure

I was asked to be the manager of a small 15 unit apartment complex here in the great metropolis of Stillwater, America.  After determining that there is an on-site maintenance (jack of all trades) resident, I accepted the position.  It shouldn't take a large number of hours each month, but will be a nice little addition to the bank account.  My primary duties are to collect rent and late fees (mailed to a central PO box), ensure minor maintenance issues are resolved, coordinate major maintenance issues (serious issues for the professionals) and "be there" for the residents. 


I spent a good number of hours this weekend straightening up the lease contract (since most tenants have been staying on a month-to-month basis due to previous leases being expired) as well as creating addendums for Pets and Parking, as well as other various forms and spreadsheets.  I also met with the maintenance guy to discuss a new Maintenance Request Form that would have a a tear-off section to be left behind in the apartment when the work is completed.


This evening, I went around with the current manager and introduced myself to all the tenants that were home.  I was able to share how some things won't change (still mail your check to the PO box), but other things will:

-- Email receipt of rent payment to be sent

-- New maintenance schedule (air filter each qtr & smoke detector batteries twice a year)

-- New maintenance form, with better communication method

-- More interaction between management and tenants, especially via email.


Now that I look back on this weekend, I have put in a good amount of work, and I don't officially start until Sept 01.  It should make for an interesting year!

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