Monday, January 22, 2007

Car for sale

For Sale: Batmobile
One of the four original Batmobiles will be auctioned off this February in London. I can't believe it's expected to sell for only $150,000.


Scenario: Civil war breaks out in parts of the Middle East and things look pretty hopeless. Suddenly, the Batmobile busts in, with its cigarette lighter jet engine and sweet tail fins. POW, BAM, ZAP! Everything is better.


I beg of you, richer-than-me people: someone good and just must purchase this super vehicle. If it were to fall into the wrong hands...we would be doomed. What is $150,000 when weighed against world peace?





Curb weight        5500 lb

Wheelbase         129 in.

Length              225 in.

Width (Front)       84 in.

Width (Rear)       79 in.

Height              48 in.

Fins                 84 in.



Engine              390ci, V-8

Transmission        B&M Hydro Automatic (2nd transmission)



Layout              Front engine/rear drive

Tires Used          Firestone Wide-Oval, Mickey Thompson and US Royal

Wheels              15x7 single rib Rader cast-alloy five spoke

Second Frame      1966 Ford Galaxie lengthened 11 inches 



Exterior color               "Velvet Bat-Fuzz Black" from Metalflake, Inc.

Trim color                   3/4" Fluorescent Cerise 

Safety belts                 Cumming & Sander impact safety belts

Emergency Bat-turn lever  Ansen "T" handle in "Candy Red"

Power Accelerator T-Arm  Ansen "T" handle in "Candy Silver"

Gas tank                    Moon Aluminum tank

Parachute info              2 Deist parachute packs with a 10ft. in diameter parachute

License plates              4 quantity: TP-6597, BAT-1, 2F-3567, ZEF 451

Steering wheel             Around '67 the wheel was changed to a '58 Edsel

Car stereo                  Duo-Stereophonic tape deck w/ 6 Muntz speakers

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