Friday, December 01, 2006

Blogging in your template view

I have been using Windows Live Writer for a while now as my blog editor and I am really impressed.  I had been using two different editors, depending upon if I had a picture to post or not.  One of the major issues I have with my current template is the width of images I plan on posting.  If the image is too wide, then it really throws off the look of the blog.  A couple of the huge selling points or WLW for blogging is the fact the client presents the entry during writing in a WYSIWYG format, including the width and CSS formatting of my blog.  This way I am able to see how it is going to look exactly, prior to publishing.  This is a huge bonus.

While the image is scaled down, here is what I see while I am authoring posts:
Winodws Live Writer screen capture

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