Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sports Report

The morning of golf was a blast, if you don't consider the gale force winds at a frigid temperature ;-)

We met at Oaktree Country Club in Edmond, a very swanky spot (PGA level club), at 7am for a buffet breakfast. After eating, we all went to the pro shop to gather the rental clubs and the carts. Since we had a hour until tee-time, we split up and went to either the driving range or practice greens. At 9am, the teams were gathered together and we were advised we would have a shotgun start playing a modified best ball method. I was teamed up with the president of the company (I wonder how that happened?).

Our team was comprised of Jay (never played before), Brian (has played some), Dan (president, plays 3-4 times a month) and myself (haven't played since college ... 1989 for those who want to do the math). Turns out Dan wasn't having a good day, I think the cold was getting to him. Jay, the newbie, was getting a lot of good hits and I think my shot turned out to be 'best ball' about 35-40% of the time. Buffet lunch was served afterward, but I had to leave before all teams had returned to the club house. From what we were hearing from the other teams, our +8 game for the day may have made us the winning team. (I'll find out later)

I found out the entire story about the golf game today: David (the CTO) had already scheduled a Tech-Team 'retreat' for all tech employees from their three offices (OKC, Tulsa & Dallas). On Tuesday, David decided to invite me (no idea how I came into the picture) and cleared it with Dan. This morning while talking with Dan about how David invited me at the last minute, he said, "look around ... you are the only non-employee here, I'm glad you could make it". I told him how much I appreciated the offer and that I looked forward to the project with his company.

My primary objective for the day was not to embarrass myself, and I think I accomplished my goal.
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