Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Me? A duffer?

You know the Document Imaging project I have been mentioning over the past few months? Well, the PO has been cut and we are going forward.

I just got a call from the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for the vendor we are using and was invited to a little "get to know everyone" golf outing. I explained I didn't really play any, but he said none of the others did either, and that several would be chasing their wild shots all over the place. Since it is scheduled for the day after tomorrow, I had to check with my boss for such sort notice. I was advised that I could go, just burn a day of annual leave for it. While I've got enough leave to cover a month of Sundays (almost), I thought it cheap to have to burn a day of AL to go to a vendor sponsored event, that is designed for me to get to know everyone. But, if it will get me out of the office for a day ... it's worth it.

I am also out of the office tomorrow for training. Wow, two days in a row away from my desk. With my luck, all will be quiet (no big IT issues) and my absence won't be very noticeable. I kinda hope for a few fires to flare up ... ones that they would normally call me for, even though they don't fall within my job description (Ron's been around forever, he knows how to fix this). I have explained that there are issues that have been dumped back onto me that no one else knows how to resolve, and that we need some redundancy. Those statements have fallen on deaf ears.
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