Friday, June 10, 2005

Tablet Review - First time to show the VP

Showed up for my 11:15 meeting with Dr. B to cover the use of the Tablet PC. Dr. B called in Gen G and we got busy. First thing to do was to turn off the bright overhead lights in the office because "that darn glare is so bad!" (direct quote). While I was going to pitch for the Lifebook, after they informed me of the limited use of the product, I was beginning to show the Motion tablet as the stronger of the two products (considering the needs of the intended user).

After about 10 minutes, Dr. B stated that the user actually just needed what he had stated carrying within the last week ... a Siemens SX66 Pocket PC Phone, a very sweet, but pricey, phone that would allow for syncing with the user's Outlook account, have wireless (802.11b) as needed, and an SD card slot for 'external' storage. If this is actually followed-through with, Dr. B indicated I may need to acquire one so that IT can provide a support posture for the user. That has both good and bad sides to it: GOOD: I might just get a cool/productive toy. BAD: I have to support this particular user?

More to follow.......

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